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AIC Corporation

Transforming the Senior Mobility Fund Consumables Marketplace

Vertis undertook the challenge of establishing a marketplace for agency-approved suppliers and buyers to enhance the System Operations and Maintenance for the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).


The goal was to create a seamless experience where clients eligible for the Senior Mobility Fund (SMF) subsidy could effortlessly purchase healthcare consumables from AIC-approved suppliers. This innovative solution allowed suppliers to autonomously manage their catalog, inventory, logistics, and billing, while clients could easily monitor their subsidy cap limit and percentage per financial year. To accommodate AIC's future growth plans, the Vertis team implemented Sitecore Order Cloud as a multi-tenant marketplace.


The customized solution included features such as client and caregiver registration, caregiver tagging, SMF subsidy management, order splitting among multiple suppliers, and robust personally identifiable information (PII) security and controls.


Vertis not only delivered a tailored solution aligned with AIC's unique requirements but also set the foundation for future expansion into additional suppliers and services, such as mobility devices and caregiver training courses. The result was a sophisticated marketplace that streamlined operations and empowered both clients and suppliers within the AIC ecosystem.

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Energy Market Company (EMC) SGX

Transforming EMC’s online presence into an immersive digital experience


Navigating the complexities of EMC’s website was quite a challenge. Asia's pioneer in liberalized electricity markets needed a new site need to display constantly-changing energy market data, interactive charts, and downloadable historical energy information. A key challenge was to manage the migration of thousands of historical media pieces, with the added demand of making them easily searchable.


Undeterred, Vertis unleashed the power of Sitecore XP 10.2, implementing custom charting components and real-time data integrations tailored to EMC's specifications.


This transformative solution encompassed real-time financial data integrations, secure API gateways, and an optimized Sitecore infrastructure, delivering a user-centric digital platform. The completed site exceeded expectations, with EMC's unveiling its new digital face five weeks ahead of schedule.

Download the PDF of Energy Market Company (EMC) SGX - Transforming EMC’s online presence into an immersive digital experience

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Aditya Birla Capital​

Elevating ABC's Digital Presence through Managed Cloud Migration

Vertis embarked on a transformative journey to upgrade and migrate Aditya Birla Capital's (ABC) corporate and business unit sites to a Managed Cloud infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and efficient digital experience.


The scope of the project included merging, upgrading, and migrating assets to the Managed Cloud environment, with continuous code and content synchronization from the old to the new platform. The team executed stage-by-stage rollouts, consolidating Sitecore solutions while maintaining a soft wall between code and content. This intricate process involved parallel testing, syncing, and rollouts for six different business stakeholders, each with complex site structures, across five environments.


The Vertis solution focused on aligning with Sitecore's recommended best practices. A comprehensive review was conducted to identify areas where the solution deviated from these practices, leading to remediation for correction. Key aspects reviewed included Sitecore architecture, solution, and performance, Solr indexing and architecture, items and information architecture, configuration management, presentation layer architecture, and the identification of problematic source codes.


Despite the complexity, Vertis successfully completed the migration within a record timeframe of 12 weeks. The result was an upgraded and streamlined digital infrastructure that adhered to industry best practices, ensuring optimal performance and user experience for Aditya Birla Capital's diverse business units.

Download the PDF of Aditya Birla Capital​ - Elevating ABC's Digital Presence through Managed Cloud Migration

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Elevating Customer Satisfaction Through Comprehensive UX Testing

Vertis worked with Dell to enhance customer satisfaction across various product lines, including office and gaming peripherals. Dell's end goal is to ensure its products cater to the diverse needs of its target audience. The tests that Vertis undertook included product usage, out-of-box experiences, packaging perception, and proof of concept testing.


Vertis faced two major challenges. Firstly, maintaining report standards and enhancing work quality to meet evolving user expectations. Secondly, addressing discrepancies between claimed user actions and actual behaviour during testing sessions.


To tackle these challenges, Vertis worked collaboratively with Dell to better understand reporting requirements and tailoring user studies accordingly. Employing diverse methods, Vertis gathered insights, enhanced data collection and observed user interactions during testing.


The collaboration resulted in marked improvements in usability and streamlined workflows, leading to increased customer satisfaction metrics. Additionally, Vertis's SEO strategies boosted Dell's digital visibility and engagement, aligning its digital presence with evolving customer expectations. Vertis, now a preferred Dell vendor for user testing, helped Dell to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional experiences.

Download the PDF of DELL - Elevating Customer Satisfaction Through Comprehensive UX Testing

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