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30 November 2023.

Vertis Marks Two Years of Exponential Growth and Innovation in Digital Landscape

Vertis, a relative newcomer in the digital customer experience (CX) space, is celebrating two years of remarkable growth and innovation with a series of milestone achievements.

SINGAPORE - Co-founded by industry visionaries Gurlin Singh Lamba and Birendra Balakrishnan in 2022, Vertis has rapidly become a driving force in transforming digital experiences for regional and international businesses. Guided by its brand promise to constantly innovate and create exceptional digital solutions, Vertis has redefined industry norms and elevated its clients' brands.

The agency achieved S$1 million in revenues at the end of its first year. It then experienced exponential growth which saw revenues quadruple in year two, and the agency is on track to double this figure as the company enters 2024. This accomplishment underscores Vertis's commitment to deliver digital experiences that go beyond expectations.

Vertis solutions translate into saving clients time, allowing them to focus on what's important – such as marketing and improving the bottom line. This approach has led to important wins across various industries, from Singapore government agencies such as AIC and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to corporate giants like Dell and Aditya Birla Capital.

Jimmy Yeo, Business Partner of ESG, said of working with Vertis: “A high level of professionalism, responsiveness, and the delivery of exceptional results marked our collaboration with Vertis. Their team exhibited a profound understanding of our requirements and consistently provided cost-efficient, effective, and good-quality solutions that surpassed our expectations.”

He added: “In addition, Vertis fully understood the business needs of the project and was able to deliver solutions that met the project requirements in a timely manner.”

Vertis collaborates with industry-leading technology partners, including Sitecore, OutSystems, and Qualtrics. A testament to the agency’s expertise was winning the 2023 Sitecore Experience Award for APAC and Japan in the Best Commerce Experience category for AIC.

CTO Gurlin Singh Lamba — who brings over a decade of experience in architecting complex IT solutions, and CRO Birendra Balakrishnan, with over 30 years in the advertising, marketing, and communications industry — bridge the gap between business needs and technical requirements, ensuring innovative, scalable, and efficient solutions.

“We bring deep functional knowledge and years of hands-on experience in marketing technology - from platforms to creative solutions”, said Gurlin. “Our track record is testament to our excellence in navigating the industry’s complexities.”

Investing in the best talent has been central to Vertis's success. Starting with a small team of just six people, Vertis has grown significantly and now employs 60 people, in Singapore where it is headquartered, as well as in India, Malaysia and Thailand. Vertis is committed to fostering an exceptional working environment that is intelligent, creative, and inspiring.

“From day one, Vertis has invested in the best talent, recognizing that expertise is the cornerstone of our success,” said Birendra.

The recent addition of industry veteran Paul Hourihane as Chief Strategy and Content Officer further strengthens Vertis's position. With over 30 years of experience managing multinational agencies, Paul brings technical prowess across platforms like Adobe, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, AB Tasty, and Optimizely.

Since its launch, Vertis has experienced high demand for its fresh approach, which has meant the company has focused on serving clients rather than making noise in the market. As the agency enters a new year, it aims to change this by increasing its market visibility and boosting its brand presence.

With the launch of a new brand ID, logo, and website, new offices in Singapore's Chinatown and another in Lucknow, India, Vertis is on an upward trajectory, poised for continued expansion and visibility in the international digital landscape.

About Vertis

Vertis is a Singapore-based digital agency founded in 2022. The company strives to constantly innovate and create exceptional digital solutions. Its overarching goal is to elevate clients' brands, enriching the experiences they deliver to their customers through the power of technology-driven creativity.

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